Restless with questions and ideas

Endure the metamorphosis

The wings of change are born of patience and struggle

The morning will see you emerge in all your grandeur

Spread your wings. It's time to fly

Benefits worth One Crore

Fab Lab Access and lots more

IBeTo Jr has started !!

IBeTo Conferences Coming Soon

IBeTo or "Innovations for a Better Tomorrow" is the national level pursuit, hosted by Excel, the national annual techno managerial fest conducted by Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi, for extraordinary innovative minds with ideas capable of aiding social upliftment through technology. Twenty most promising entries will receive first-rate technical guidance from eminent mentors to realize their project.
Ibeto Junior

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Team Specification
Abstract Details

March 8 - Launch Day

April 25 - End of Abstract Submission

Date will be updated - Announcement of shortlisted teams

June 1 to 29 - Second phase of evaluation

July 31 - Third Phase

August 1 to 31 - Fourth Phase

September 1 to 21 - Fifth Phase

Excel day - Final Presentation

image/svg+xml MARCH 8 Launch Day MAY 1-31 First phase of development 20 JULY 1-31 Third phase of development 60 AUGUST 1-31 Fourth Phase 80 SEPTEMBER 1-20 Fifth Phae 100 JUNE 1-30 Second phase of evaluation 40 APRIL 25 End of abstract submission date will be updated Announcement of shortlisted team EXCEL DAY Final presentation, Exhibition, Product working, Presentation