IBeTo 2015 has ended
Everything good starts out small
And needs a nourishing environment to grow in
An occasional nudge and a necessary boost
To see it flourish
And soar


IBeTo or “Innovations for a Better Tomorrow” is the national level pursuit, hosted by Excel, the national annual techno managerial fest conducted by Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi, for extraordinary innovative minds with ideas capable of aiding social upliftment through technology.

IBeTo 2015 is the fourth edition of IBeTo which promises to be as exciting as ever and with a commitment to bring the trailblazers to the forefront and change tomorrow for the better. Twenty most promising entries will receive first-rate technical guidance from eminent mentors to realize their project.

Winners of IBeTo 2015

IBeTo Jr.

IBeTo Junior is an initiative to encourage the imaginative science lovers, the budding engineers among school level students to pursue their creative ideas to completion. The best sixty budding entries will be favoured with technical guidance to help them through the development phase. Coming on the back of two great editions, IBeTo Junior has set a mark at a whole new level and promises to be an inspiration for the years to come.

Winners of IBeTo Jr 2015

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Social Initiatives Manager, Excel 2015
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Mathew T George

Chairman, Excel 2015
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Marketing Manager, Excel 2015
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Public Relations Manager, Excel 2015
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IBETO Timeline

At Stake

With a grand prize of Rs. 1Lakh, IBeTo 2015 promises to be as exciting as ever. But your association with innovation goes far beyond!
The best projects then get a chance to bag a seed fund of up to Rs. 20 lakhs from Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC).
Not to mention, the top teams also get exclusive access to the only fabrication lab in South India, at Thiruvananthapuram, under the guidance of visiting MIT Professor Rajesh Nair to realise their innovations into complete products


IBETO Problem Statements

IBETO Abstract Format

IBETO Previous Projects

Pulse of a Billion

The innovators behind this project aimed at addressing the issue of poor health care in rural areas, designed and developed a cost effective and efficient tele-diagnostics embedded system and decision device which helps in screening the patients and provide medical advice to critical patients.

Automated Public Distribution System

It is primarily an automated vending machine, similar in operation to an ATM, making it possible for the public to purchase their grocery at any time and location. The conventional ration card is replaced by a unique electronic identification card, which the customer uses at APDS outlets distributed across a geographical location.

The Sign Language Decoder

Realizing the difficulty a hearing impaired person has to endure in communicating with a normal person or vice-a-versa to empower them to give presentations or talk in a group, the Sign Language Decoder(The Glove Project) was designed as a project intended to help the vocally impaired. The project saw the design of a device which can convert the sign language of the hearing impaired into text and speech using a mobile phone.

IBETO Jr. Timeline

At Stake

The top 60 teams get a chance to exhibit their projects at the Innovation Zone during Excel 2015.
At the Innovation Zone, teams get a chance to interact with vast array of both school and college students, teachers as well as various officials from multinational companies.
The best teams will then get a chance to receive a grand prize of Rs. 25,000.

IBETO Jr. Rules

IBETO Jr. Abstract Format

After registering through the form, send Diagrams(if any) / other relevant information about your project to ibeto@excelmec.org with your team name and school name as subject. For eg. if Team Name is “XYZ” and school name is “ABC School” the subject should be: “XYZ, ABC School”.

IBETO Jr. Previous Projects


This was a project designed by a group of well motivated school students aimed to help the visually impaired and physically challenged gain knowledge and lead a successful life, beneficial to both themselves and to the society. Larynx is a software which makes it possible for the disadvantaged to operate computers and internet with the help of their voice.


A simple but extremely innovative project undertaken by a group of school students in Kuttanadu to overcome the problem of water sanitation failure during monsoons. This consisted of a buffer tank which automatically stores flush water once it rises above a certain safe level in the regular tank. The buffer tank stores up to ten days of waste water, and can be treated and pumped out when the water is safe.


This project sought to find a way for the effective and efficient disposal of Compact Fluorescent Lamps(CFL). The project helped in preventing environmental hazards from the mercury present in the lamps and also to procure the mercury for recycling.